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15 December
New Year Trees at GUM, Red Square

This year GUM invites everyone to enjoy the magical holiday mood! The exhibition New Year Trees at GUM, Red Square featuring 80 exclusive trees made by GUM partners, offers an unforgettable experience.

A potato garland, a turnip on top, apples on branches – these were the decorations of the first Christmas tree that was presented on the eve of 1605 in Alsace. Up until the 19th century, apples were the primary decor of Christmas trees. Only in 1848 did Thuringia artisans started producing glass globes to decorate the trees.

Today fashion and imagination offer us a multitude of options for our Christmas and New Year trees. The most extraordinary New Year tress are displayed at GUM, Red Square. This year the department store’s exhibition includes 80 exclusive New Year trees. Each tree is unique, yet all of them embody the spirit of the holidays! Come to GUM, Red Square, for the most magical mood, best photos, and festive atmosphere! The exhibition will remain open until mid-January 2021.

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