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8 December
New Year Treats in the Passage
New Year gifts’ selection is a pleasant, but extremely exciting and responsible matter. Petrovsky Passage offers the most desired gifts for your beloved. But you should certainly pamper yourself after such a troublesome mission!
Bosco Café feasts with your favorite refreshments during December – hot & delicate Viennese wafers with chocolate or vanilla sauce and a cup of hot & fragrant tea or invigorating coffee.
Those who came without a car can even treat themselves with a glass of Lanson Brut champagne: its bubbles offer New Year euphoria in its pure form.
BOSCO Gallery in Petrovsky Passage, as well as Tiffany's and Lladro stores give an individual invitation to its customers to Bosco Cafe for the two so as you could brag of the purchases and discuss the handsels.
You are welcome to the Passage! 
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