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30 August
New menu of the Bosco Fresh & Bar
The cozy veranda of Bosco Fresh & Bar is about business meetings and romantic dates, go-outs with friends and leisure after a successful shopping with the family. Here, in the heart of the capital, you can distract fr om the city's bustle: to have a cup of fragrant coffee, to enjoy the famous ice cream or the cuisine of the new menu, exclusively developed by our new chef Artem Gorchakov.

Red Square is the main and most famous square in Russia, the real power place, the venue for many important events in Russian history and the most international place in Moscow. Today, you can meet tourists from all over the world here. There is the mixture of various dialects, languages, nationalities, countries and religions day & night. Bosco Fresh & Bar combines the variety of traditions and preferences. Any culture and lifestyle is reflected in the creations of innovative and explosive chef's thoughts.

Bosco Fresh & Bar in GUM offers to appreciate the menu from Artem Gorchakov. Artem has many interesting projects at his expense for twenty years of work. The opening of the restaurant Calicano, work in the restaurants "Karabas", "Santa Fe" and "Uley", and cooperation with Julia Vysotskaya.

Light, traditional and new dishes prepared from the freshest products by the Bosco Fresh & Bar chef will be appreciated by the adherents of a healthy lifestyle, those who keep the figure and real gourmets. Everyone will surely appraise both the original serving and exquisite taste.

To recharge the vitamins and cheerfulness for the whole day, it is worth choosing one of the dishes in the Californian style for breakfast. The morning menu is inspired by the views of sunny California and Los Angeles - banana Californian bread with nuts is baked right in the Bosco Fresh & Bar. The variety of dishes of eggs is boundless. There are classic fried eggs, a scramble with a perfect serving, Benedict eggs on potato croquettes with homemade guacamole, salmon pastrami and sauce hollandaise and chipotle. Fresh omelette with Emmental cheese, tomato and sous-vide au jus chicken, cooked at a certain temperature, which allows to retain all the useful substances and minerals. Or a white omelet with farmer goat's cheese and spinach, cooked on protein. Healthy breakfasts are the priority of the Bosco Bar.

Remembering about internationality, it is worth noting that the morning menu is about Asian strokes. For example, oatmeal and rice porridge are cooked on coconut milk and served with a fig jam and butter. There is also rice porridge with lemon grass and lime leaves.

The original carrot-ginger cream soup with fresh fennel, cilantro and spicy cashew nuts can be taken as the main course. It is the recipe, inspired by a travel to Thailand.  The soup is about the game of textures: a hot spicy base, crispy nuts and fresh fennel. The dish is sipped with sesame oil and served with fresh cilantro, which, according to Artem, adds "brightness and explosion".

The traditional borscht, Russian salad with chicken, homemade dumplings, beef stroganoff or herring pâté on toast will be appreciated by the followers of Russian cuisine. Several types of steaks of marbled beef and fish, spaghetti, the famous Tom Yam, club sandwiches, "Hasanskaya", "Solovyevskaya", "Zhemchuzhnaya" oysters - the variety of Bosco Fresh & Bar menu is truly multicultural.

Light "Summer" salad with strawberries, the mix of lettuce, mango sauce and dor blu mousse is a special limited summer offer of Bosco Fresh & Bar menu. "Barbecue" salad with tomatoes, red onions and marble roast beef will be appreciated by gourmets.

"My main task is to experiment and please our guests," the new chef of Bosco Fresh & Bar Artem Gorchakov says.

Looking forward to seeing you in Bosco Fresh & Bar, a place in the very heart of Moscow, wh ere cultures and joy life are merged.

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