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10 September
New Collection by Ginori 1735

Ginori 1735 presents the brand’s first home fragrance collection — a selection of masterpieces created in collaboration with Luca Nichetto.

L’Amazzone (The Amazon), L’Amante (The Lover), Il Letterato (The Scholar), Il Seguace (TheCompanion), Il Favorito (The Favourite), Il Frate (The Friar), L’Addetto al Fuoco (The Fire-Master). These are the main characters in the court of Caterina De’ Medici, accompanying the Queen on her journey from Florence to Paris, are brought back to life in this first Home Fragrance collection by Ginori 1735, comprising scented candles designed in a range of sizes and colours, along with incense burners, room diffusers and candle snuffers.

Blending the figurative heritage of the Ginori 1735 tradition with a contemporary interpretation by Luca Nichetto, the LCDC collection – La Compagnia di Caterina – is characterised by signature scents that stand out thanks to the study, research and development of forms from a single design, striking the perfect balance between memory and innovation, showcasing the ultimate in craftsmanship.

Luca Nichetto drew his inspiration from Lucha Libre masks, the illustrations of Jean-Paul Goude and graffiti art. In the designer's creative vision, the statuesque faces of the characters become the archetypal protagonists of the collection. Owing to the design which blends the classicism of the ancestral statues with rigorous lines, the faces and sculptures take on a mysterious, iconic dimension. Each character has its own significance, just like the packaging which bears the De’ Medici symbol, reinterpreted with a flame in the centre.

The LCDC fragrances developed by Jean Niel, the oldest perfume house in France founded in 1779, were studied to be unique and timeless.

“Light My Fire” is the overarching theme that unites the main characters in the collection, these historical figures brought together by special alchemy: The fire inside everyone burns for a reason and these characters are ready to be set alight in our homes to shine a light on these human values: Leadership, wisdom, friendship, generosity, passion, grace and ambition.

Orange Renaissance, a tribute to the Renaissance with an essence with the power to seduce and burn with love.


Black Stone, the scent of mystery and of discovery, with the power to keep the fire burning in each of us.


Purple Hill, evoking memories of the scent of the Tuscan hills in full summer bloom which strikes you, then lingers and persuades you.


Ginori 1735, Passage, 10 Petrovka Street.

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