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4 September
The new Eres Lingerie Collection
Exquisite & modern Eres 2018/19 lingerie collection is inspired by the world of architecture & design in Art Deco style of the 30s of the XX century.  

Eres muse walks around the beautifully furnished living room. She snugs herself on a velvet ottoman and enjoys the coziness & softness in an exclusive air of comfort of lingerie and clothes for home from the new collection.

Prints reminiscent of wallpaper drawings and paintings of the Cubists, as well as geometric motifs and stylized floral patterns became the main style accents of the season. The color range is in tune with the "interior" spirit of the collection. Delicate noble shades and saturated half-lights envelop like a heady aroma. False-black, caramel, bright turquoise; delicate like velvet and saturated like wine, burgundy shade is supported by a lighter range of creamy, powdery-pink, delicate gray and white.

The collection is available at Vesna 2nd level! See you! Phone number is +7 495 258 83 93.

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