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29 September
New Uniforms by Bosco di Ciliegi for Moscow Medical Workers

Starting from July 30, 33 thsd people received new uniform sets at the Moscow Equipment Center in Moscow. Kaluga-based Bosco Manufactures produced more than 193 500 items of clothing. By the end of 2021, all employees of city hospitals and clinics will be provided with new uniforms. Starting from 2022, uniforms will be provided to Moscow medical workers once per year.

The new set of medical uniforms include long and short medical coats, trousers, tops, polos, and jumpers. Detailing is of key importance to the collection: medical workers were consulted on the location of pockets, the cut, and the style of collars. All clothing models are in line with state standards and are made with materials of the utmost quality. The clothing does not shrink during washing, does not crease, and is breathable. The clothing does not limit movement and looks good on any person.

Specific combinations of colors were chosen for the clothing worn by different groups of medical workers. Naturally, white is the primary color, while the profession of the worker is reflected in the color of inserts: blue for inpatient facility workers, turquoise for clinical and ontological staff, dark red for middle-level medical personnel.

Workers can try on and obtain the new uniform in person at the Bosco Equipment Center, boasting a comfortable environment: qualified staff, functional fitting rooms, comfy waiting rooms, and free ice cream.

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