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1 August
New Marina Rinaldi and Stella Jean eclectic collection: a single thread from everyone
Stella Jean and Marina Rinaldi made a good team once again: this time their collaboration resulted into a new FW capsule collection. Seventeen articles, added with shoes, bags, shawls, hats and jewels, are linked by two incompatible subjects: Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" and Italian decorative patterns of the early twentieth century in the Liberty style.
However, let’s call on the designer: "I decided to bring together the sources of inspiration far fr om each other. The air of Cuba, which is not limited to Hemingway's stereotypes, symbolizes the countries of the Caribbean, my homeland. I supplemented this motif with flowing lines of Italian painted designs in the Liberty style. The deep meaning of my work is about the combination of different cultures and symbols," – the Haitian Stella Jean explains.
The accessory line is a story of its own: hand-wrought iron decorations are made in Haiti, and cotton shawls are brought from Ethiopia, wh ere they were painted with earth and charcoal. Jacquard fabric, reproducing folklore geometric patterns from the Congo, is made in Como using a special technology of paint spraying – this is the way how the Italian printed Liberty fabrics were created. The wool factories from Biella supplied men-style fabrics for trousers, and laminated fabric for perfectly draped overcoats was made in Prato. East and West met once again: the riot of colors and unusual textures from distant exotic countries were treated in modern Italian workshops.
The collection has already appeared in the boutiques of the brand, including GUM, Petrovsky & Smolensky Passages and VESNA!
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