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29 October
More than delicate: La Perla Maison
La Perla Maison reveals the true spirit of the Italian workshop, harmonizing luxury and comfort. Discover the handmade collection designed over 30 years ago. It is made of special silk, trimmed with old Florentine lace. Distinguished with excellent gloss and elasticity, the silk is supplied fr om the Italian town of Como.

Years are needed to master the art of frastaglio - the ancient Florentine art of work with lace. La Perla craftsmen are truly skilled in this field! The lace is manually placed on silk in such a way as to slide along the body. The final touch: the lace is sewn and the excess fabric is cut off by hand with scissors, leaving a transparent veil of tulle and lace, enveloping the skin sensually.

The collection embodies the values and individuality, so wearing a Maison article is an unforgettable experience and a true expression of loyalty to La Perla brand. By the way, the Maison collection is made in the very same atelier in Bologna, wh ere La Perla was born in 1954.

See you at La Perla boutique in GUM!   

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