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23 May
Sard Cuisine Week at Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage

From May 23 through May 30 Sard Cuisine Week will take place at Petrovsky Passage to celebrate the homeland of the acclaimed Italian designer Antonio Marras. Maestro Marras will visit Moscow together with his favorite chef – Laura Sechi. A special menu will be developed for Bosco Café featuring the gastronomic traditions of Sard cuisine, as well as the favorite dishes of the designer.

For quite a while, Sardinians have associated food with such words as traditions and family. This is the reason why the gastronomic sessions by Antonio Marras’ chef are a beautiful occasion to gather around a big table full of yummy dishes and to have a great time with your family and friends.

Sardinian cuisine is based on simple natural produce: premium charcuterie (prosciutto or assorted sausages), seafood, all kinds of cheeses, olives, side dishes made of fresh vegetables, dishes made from shellfish, freshly-caught fish, and exclusive Sard delicacies, such as bottarga (roe of mullet or tuna) with artichokes.

Laura Sechi, Antonio Marras’ favorite chef, will be orchestrating the Sard Cuisine Week at Bosco Café. The dishes of the heavenly Italian island change by the region; but they are all attributed to the unique Sard cuisine. For instance, Laura’s menu will feature Fregola Soup with Mussels (fregola are pieces of dough filled with butterfly shells and seafood that is usually served in the Southern Campidano province). The tiny maloredus pasta is all hand-made and reminds us of pearl-barley. The must-try is the roast piglet seasoned with fresh myrtle leaves. As for the dessert, Laura will offer fritti raviolini – a cult dish of the island. A glass of Sardinian wine will be a perfect pairing to any of the recipes.

The Sard cuisine week by Antonio Marras will be the first one in a series of favorite cuisines of Bosco brands from different Italian regions. Bosco Café will launch Etro Family Week, Neapolitan Dishes by Isaia, and much more. Bosco clients will have a chance not only to get immersed in the ambiance of the fashion houses, but also to combine their adventure with a tasting of delectable food.

For reservations, please call: +7 (495) 660-05-50

Address: 10, Petrovka Str.

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