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15 November
Romagna Culinary Week with Alberta Ferretti at the Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage

The Homestyle Food Festival at Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage continues with Romagna Culinary Week.

From November 15 to December 6, Mediterranean cuisine from the Romagna region will be presented by the Alberta Ferretti brand chef. Bolognese sauce, lasagna, tortellini have brought the region worldwide fame.

The favorite chef of designer Alberta Ferretti, Italian Michele Frandoliс, is a talented cuisinier from Friuli who runs the kitchen at the Giacomo Badioli restaurants. After studying in Trieste, Michele began his career at restaurants in Lignano-Sabbiadoro, Bibione, and Venice. In Romagna, Michele worked at La Prua and Puraza in Rimini and Il Gambero Rosso and at Azzurra in Riccione.

Dishes prepared by Frandoliс are unforgettable – they often prove to be a source of inspiration for other chefs. His seafood dishes are a combination of tradition and innovation. Originality and sophistication are the hallmarks of his culinary art.

Especially for Bosco Cafe, Michele Frandoliс, and the chef of Bosco Cafe Davide Corso have developed a menu that embraces the gastronomic traditions of the Region of Romagna, as well as the personal favorite dishes of the designer Alberta Ferretti. Langoustines and Vegetables; Deep-Fried Squid and Oyster Mushrooms with Balsamic Dressing; Cappelletti with Sea Bass Filling, Flounder and White Truffle Stew; Turbot with Artichokes Three Ways; and Cannoncini with Chantilly Cream.

The special set will be available at Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage for three weeks. Neapolitan cuisine, one of the richest and most diverse of all Italian cuisines, will be highlighted on December 6-15. The set will be presented by the chef of Isaia. Due to the exceptional climate and geography of the region, Neapolitan cuisine is unique. The famous Italian pizza was invented here.

For table reservations call +7 (495) 621 3117. We look forward to seeing you at Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage!

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