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24 April
The beginning of the XVIII Open Arts Festival Chereshnevy Les: the first-night of the movie Rezo after the stories of Rezo Gabriadze was held in GUM
The first-night of the animated movie Rezo after the stories of Rezo Gabriadze was held in GUM Demonstration Hall and GUM Cinema. It is the dedication to the Georgian director, artist and screenwriter Rezo Gabriadze.

On April 23rd, the first-night of the movie Rezo after Rezo Gabriadze's stories was held in GUM Demonstration Hall and GUM Cinema. It is the dedication to the artist and screenwriter Rezo Gabriadze. The film is produced by BAZELEVS film company (Russia, 2017) with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia. The director is Leo Gabriadze. Distributor in Russia is Center for Documentary Cinema.

This event marked the start of the XVIII Open Arts Festival Chereshnevy Les.

GUM Demonstration Hall was reequipped into a cinema for one evening. The walls draped with black velvet were decorated with the images of the movie characters and the chairs were replaced by benches upholstered with multi-colored cloth. Russian cinema, theater and TV stars including Ivan Urgant, Nikita Mikhalkov, Olga Sviblova, Sofya Kapkova, Sergei Kapkov, Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin, Vladimir Pozner, Leonid Yarmolnik, Alisa Khazanova, Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova, Shalva Breus, Anka Tsitsishvili, Vladimir Spivakov, Marina Zudina, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Ekaterina Andreeva, Sergei Shakurov, Igor Kostolevsky, Sergei Garmash and many others filled the hall.
The guests were greeted by the founder of the festival Chereshnevy Les Mikhail Kusnirovich and the General Director of GUM Teimuraz Guguberidze. To show the fundamental connection with Georgian art and long-standing friendship with Rezo and Leo Gabriadze, they had Georgian national men's suits on and stressed once again that they appreciated Rezo and his work, which is so important for the Chereshnevy Les festival.

Overcoming the excitement, Leo Gabriadze, the director of the movie took the floor. He explained that Rezo Gabriadze could not come due to health problems but his heart & soul was with the audience in Moscow, where the first-night is held. Timur Bekmambetov - the producer of the movie - said that the film was created not only by the director and producer, but by Rezo Gabriadze first of all. His stories, drawings and script made it as beautiful as all Rezo movies.

The executive director of the festival, Edith Kusnirovich noted: "It's a great honor and joy for the Chereshnevy Les to start its 18th season with the movie about the beloved and unique Rezo Gabriadze. The idea of the film was born twenty years ago which is almost equal to the age of friendship of the Chereshnevy Les and Rezo Gabriadze."
Rezo Gabriadze appeared on the screen of the Demonstration Hall before the screening. He was very much frustrated about the fact that he could not be at the first night in his beloved city of Moscow among his friends and greeted the Chereshnevy Les, its guests & founders.

The film, filled with tenderness, self-irony and the images of the childhood, which passed with Rezo Gabriadze through all his life, left no one indifferent. The guest did not hurry to leave after the viewing and shared their impressions. The maîtres of Russian cinema shared their thoughts about the movie. Art critic and creator of the Museum of Cinema Naum Kleiman said: "As usual with Rezo Gabriadze, this film is about a combination of humor, tragedy and light humanism, not slobbery or superficial, but genuine.  I am very happy for Leo, that he grabbed this quality in his father and managed to keep it. I like everything about this film: the way how young artists have revived it all; the wonderful work on sounding, which is very accurate in intonation and the way how Rezo's intonation is preserved. This has been spread to all elements of the movie. The film has another important quality - it is the synthesis of documentary, fiction, art and true recognition. " The famous animated film director Andrei Khrzhanovsky, the tutor of animator artists who took part in the creation of the film, also shared his opinion: "The film is magical, the maestro is unique, and his son is a worthy continuation of Rezo and the things he is famous for; he is a world-scale figure for all the time. I am convinced of this!"

The festival Chereshnevy Les is proud of the long-standing friendship with Rezo Gabriadze: the tour of the Rezo Gabriadze’s Puppet Theater was held in Moscow twice - in 2005 and 2007. The productions "If Locomotives Meet" after the play written especially for the festival, "The Battle of Stalingrad" and "Autumn of Our Spring" are still one of the most memorable events of the festival. In 2016, Rezo Gabriadze was awarded the annual Oleg Yankovsky prize for the author's exhibition at the Museum of Moscow.

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