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21 April
Moschino set-out was opened at the first GUM line

OPEN ARTS FESTIVAL CHERESHNEVY LES surprises the capital by presenting bright and memorable projects that unite art and fashion. The exhibition of costumes by Roberto Capuссi at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts has become the first step. The landmark show of Jean Paul Gaultier at the Kazan Railway Station and the presentation of Antonio Marras capsule collection within the opening of Lev Bakst set-out at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts has continued to acquaint the audience with those who are called the designers of the century now. And here is another protagonist - Moschino creative designer Jeremy Scott.
Display "Paper Dolls: 2D Moschino Fashion" showing the famous SS collection "Valley of the Dolls" was opened at the first GUM line on April 20th. It was created by the creative designer of the brand, the famous provocateur and enfant terrible Jeremy Scott and caused a real 2D-revolution in the fashion world immediately.
Have you had paper dolls in your childhood? Flat, with a whole set of outfits, which had to be attached to their miniature figures by bending the edges of special white "fasteners"? Almost all girls in the world played with them.
Your favorite dolls came to life: they changed into smart dresses with bouffant skirts, ruffles and flounces, narrow pencil-skirts, elegant jackets and classic trench coats with unchanged white "fasteners" sticking out in different directions.

The whole wardrobe in Marilyn Monroe style, including the famous white dress from "The Seven Year Itch", seems to be cut out of paper. It is achieved by the most complex technique of fabrics’ coloring, design & special drapery.

Real works of modern art, ironic and thoughtful - they surprise and make you think retaining their core function of being clothes at the same time.

"Is it strange? Oh no. The way we live is strange. Maybe, we pay too much attention to the 3D technologies, forgetting about the 2D world."- Jeremy Scott claims. "The things you see and actual facts never coincide indeed" - he adds.
A trench-coat carelessly thrown over a shoulder and hold by a graceful female hand is a part of a complex dress in fact. A black kid glove on an evening maxi pencil-dress with a deep cut is an artfully sewn pocket.
Some dresses have completely white back, which causes a sharp contrast with the intentionally hyper-realistic eye-catching front that seems to be painted with vigorous brush strokes.
In spite of this "trickery" game, Moschino’s DNA has been carefully preserved in the collection: bright & offbeat color combinations, over-sized chains and necklaces, Pacifism sign, teddy bears, autograph of the founder of the House Franco Moschino against the background of red polka dots ...
20 of the most eye-catching looks from the sensational collection, which has become iconic already, were selected for the exhibition “Paper dolls: 2D Moschino fashion” that runs in GUM from April 20th to late May.
The large-scale installation preserves the original scenery of the famous show, held at the Milan Fashion Week: heavy velvet drapes of dark red color, similar to a curtain, refer to the fashion theatricality.

Valley of the Dolls collection is presented in Moschino stores in GUM, Petrovsky Passage and VESNA in Novy Arbat.

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