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8 December
Richard Ginori: on a silver platter
There is an addition in the friendly BOSCO DI CILIEGI family! The legendary Italian porcelain brand Richard Ginori now has its space at the second level of Petrovsky Passage.

Richard Ginori was founded in 1735. Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori have established the workshop at the family estate Docci then. Soon this beautiful porcelain gained fame to become generic term: even today many Italians use "Ginori" when talking about exquisite dishes and tureens, regardless of the brand.

Now you should not go Florence to purchase a real Ginori - just call at Richard Ginori in Petrovsky Passage.

Bulky open display cases, oak table & shelf above the old fireplace show plates, tureens, cups, coffee pots, creamers, sugar bowls, nipples, as well as other home furnishings and decorative figurines by the famous brand. You are welcome to enjoy the process of selection sitting in one of the Empire arm-chairs & looking at the refined patterns’ scattering.

Take advantage of sur mesure service: you can order a custom-made family set with nominal stamp by Richard Ginori - a magnificent Christmas Gift.

You can also use Richard Ginori archive that contains all products with the original forms since 1735.
See you at Richard Ginori in Petrovsky Passage!
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