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19 October
Moschino afire: Jeremy Scott’s hot beauty
Actress Ingeborga Dapkunayte, CEO of the Museum of Moscow Alina Saprykina, Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Culture Vladimir Filippov, Alena Doletskaya, Valeria Rodnyanskaya, Evelina Khromchenko, TV presenters Elena Letuchaya, Daria Subbotina, Tatiana Gevorkian, Polina Askeri, Irina Tchaikovskaya, Alina Topalova, Victoria Shelyagova, fashion magazines’ chief editors Ksenia Solovyova, Jurate Gurauskayte, Masha Fyodorova, Anna Burashova, Marina Demchenko were among the guests of the incredible fashion performance.

Moschino team including CEO Monica Fraternali, commercial director Valeria Garbarino and communications director Silvia Uslenghi headed by the owner of the Aeffe Group Massimo Ferretti and his son Francesco Ferretti came to Moscow especially for the show.

A real performance about the fragility of art and that new walls would certainly grow instead of the ancient ruins was played on the makeshift catwalk this evening. The eclectic outfits combined satin of the evening classics with the elements of black leather jackets - the favorite rebel Jeremy Scott’s clothing. The unity of contradictions was seen in the combination of Renaissance scenery splendor and the tragic of its decay. Being the reminder of death, indispensable skulls and chains on the vibrant outfits reminiscent of the skeletons muted the riot of colors inherent in life. The audience was delighted by models in charred clothes who came out to the runway in a rising smoke. Special smoke-making machines were hidden in crinolines.

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