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15 August
Moschino: "What a rubbish ..."

Each collection of the Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott is a problem statement. He purposely blurs the boundaries between the modern artist and the fashion designer, and the attires he creates are rightly considered art objects. "Create the wardrobe of a cardboard package and glossy magazines’ pages" - this is the message of the new FW Moschino collection

Brown boxes, shopping bags, newspaper clippings, rustling trimmings appear on fitted dresses, pencil skirts, trenches and parkas stylized to packaging materials. An abundance of logos, labels and shipping ribbons makes the suits look like cartons rewound with scotch tape. The contrast between impeccable cut and classic silhouettes on the one hand and completely "insane" prints on the other, is really striking. But, as always with Moschino, an insightful remark is hidden behind the bright screen .
The main "satirist" of the modern fashion, Jeremy Scott raises the question of ecology with this collection. After all, the production of cotton for a T-shirt requires up to 2,700 liters of water, not to mention chemical dyes! Fashion becomes fast food, the designer says: "It is prepared quickly, it does not last long, it damages health and nature". So this year the main idea of ​​the new line is recycling of waste like cardboard, plastic and tin. Moschino trench coats and dresses are made of plastic and recycled materials.
The looks are successfully complemented by over-sized accessories, chunky chains, belts with heavy buckles, court shoes, bright boots and handbags in the shape of a roll of toilet paper or a sock.
In vogue, but still above it.

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