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1 September
Fashion to grow into: the first mono-brand Il Gufo store was opened
Excellent news for children and their parents by Knowledge Day: on September 1st, the first mono-brand boutique of the Italian children's clothing Il Gufo in Russia was opened in Petrovsky Passage. It is easy to find it: the store is located at the 1st level of the 1st line of the Passage.
Il Gufo offers everything for school life, holidays & country walks. So, you can easily go there for new things by the school year. This clothing is comfy for playing, learning, visiting friends, going to the cinema or exhibition – that is to learn the world without hindering movements.
Il Gufo, the world-famous Italian brand of children's clothing established over 40 years ago, is appreciated by parents and children around the world for a long time. But the space in Petrovsky Passage in Moscow is the first and so far the only separate store of the brand, although Il Gufo corner was located in Children's GUM before. This is an important step for the brand that has grown into the world-known company from a small atelier, but is still the family production.
The secret of Il Gufo's success is that it was the first to offer beautiful & quality clothes, in which children looked and felt natural. That is why the slogan of the brand is: "Kids are dressed like kids." The symbol of the brand is a bear, which appears on all articles of the brand including the fall-winter collection, featuring “Miracles” theme.
The new collection is about magic: visualizing prints are on the sweatshirts, crystal balls hiding fantastic worlds are on the T-shirts. Also, there are magic sparks of color, frozen with sparkling drops on elegant suits. All clothes are as comfy and loose as possible, so as not to hamper movements and allow young men & ladies of fashion to play and run with friends.
Children's collection is about stylish geometric print in the shape of large checks for the first time. This is clothing in which you can safely go to a celebratory assembly on September 1st or to school daily, but you cannot call it with a boring word "uniform" at the same time.
Any girl will feel like a princess in elegant coats, capes and A-silhouette dresses with high waistline in the style of Parisian fashion of the late 1970s. Real clothes for heroes is prepared for boys. There are cozy duffle coats, puffed jackets, short sheepskin coats, jacquard sweaters that perfectly match with loose military trousers with lots of pockets and classic jeans.
Silver Label collection will rescue if celebration is ahead.  It offers long dresses of blue velvet decorated with Swarovski crystals, featuring bouffant skirts of airy tulle and taffeta. Young gentlemen in snow-white shirts and elegant velvet tuxedos with lapels and taffeta bows will accompany charming ladies.
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