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29 August
Max Mara: energy of movement
Dadaism, constructivism & modernism are like a power surge that have destroyed the old order of things in the early XX century. Max Mara collection is dedicated to new women who drove sports cars, piloted airplanes, won their place in a science lab, legislature or a studio.
Patchwork of Max Mara FW collection is about over-sized chevron interlacing, classic shades and bright pure colors, which is in tune with the spirit of the time. Sequins and plasticized woolen cloth reminiscent of freshly painted surface sound like bright avant-garde chord against the background of classic sophisticated Max Mara fabrics - cashmere, soft sheepskin and bulky "washed" alpaca.
The uniform of the new women who worked in draughty studios and workshops, has become smart overalls and dresses with leather straps and pockets.
Cheerful morning exercises, which gave impetus to the creativity, has become a source of inspiration for knitted shorts and sports style tight sweaters.
Men's style cut of woman’s coats is extremely urgent today. They may be loose & long, with narrow shoulders, or foppish, short and fitting but always incredibly stylish.
Dynamic, vigorous and full of life Max Mara FW collection is surely about an exuberant flow of modernity.

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