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16 February
Marina Rinaldi: Match Point!

Few sports have influenced the world of fashion more than tennis. The flawless elegance of tennis players in the 1900s, the sophistication of sportswomen in the 1960s, the emphatic determination of contemporary players: each period saw court styles transformed into fashion trends.

The collection is inspired by the oldest tennis tournament in the world: Wimbledon. The first Championships were held in 1877. White dominates the epic confrontations on the court, while audience members enjoy strawberries and cream on the sidelines. The white of the players’ clothing engages in a sort of dialogue with the green grass and the dark blue uniforms of the officials. One more colour should be added to the mix: cornflower-blue. It is the colour of the US Open which takes place at the end of summer in New York.

This color palette allows for a whole range of fresh, informal, practical clothing items, perfect for everyday use. Complete harmony in comfort and style!

The attractive silhouettes always emphasize the curves of the figure. Pleated midi skirts can be worn with cardigans and a girdle for that Wimbledon mood. Pants are made from soft fabrics and seemingly represent the next step in the evolution of sportswear. Outer clothing includes a parka with a netted design and a hooded cape.

Complete your look with leather trainers with a perforated logo. The same design element can be found on the white handbag with contrasting profiles and a striped strap.

The tennis collection will be presented on February 17 at Marina Rinaldi, Petrovksy Passage, and is available for purchase at all brand stores in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, and Sochi.

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