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2 June
Summer Menu at Bosco Cafe

Intimate gatherings, family get-togethers, business meetings, delicious breakfasts – all this and more is available at Bosco Café summer terraces.

This summer Bosco Café head chef Davide Corso presents a selection of new dishes: Kamchatka crab gazpacho, light green salad with sesame seeds, filet mignon with morel mushrooms and demi-glace sauce, risotto with asparagus аnd Scamorza, orada fillet, and home-style fettuccine with morel mushrooms and cream sauce.

Naturally, the menu also includes sweets: home-style crepes with mascarpone cream and fresh berries, as well as the classic Bosco Café tiramisu for dessert lovers of every age.

Enjoy the views of Red Square or the quiet Neglinnaya Street, savor fragrant coffee, try the signature Bosco curd pancakes with fresh berries, tartelettes, homestyle ice cream, and Italian pasta.

See you at Bosco Café!

Petrovsky Passage, 13 Neglinnaya Street; phone: +7 (495) 621 3117

GUM, 3 Red Square; phone: +7 (495) 620 3182

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