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15 December
Swan Lake by Magerit

Hechizo, the new exquisite collection from Magerit brand that was founded in 1994 in Madrid, was inspired by the legendary ballet "Swan Lake".  The protagonists of  Tchaikovsky's masterpiece, cunning Odile and beautiful Odette are its characters.

Nature has always been the main topic of the jewelry from Magerit. It is about flora, seasons’ change, a variety of animals, including fictional and mythological characters. The favorite materials of the brand are yellow and white gold, a combination of gold and silver, enamel, diamonds, including black and cognac, sapphires, rubies and pearls.

Amanecer set represents the moment of the miraculous Odette transformation: huge wings growing out from the beauty’s hands and surrounding her chiseled profile and graceful neck curve, give incredible lightness and charming elegance to the jewelry piece. The set is available in white and yellow gold.

Odette set reveals a complex image of the "Swan Lake" protagonist. Feathers around her hovering figure emphasize the feminine look, erasing the shifting line between reality and fantasy in the quaint and vibrant world created by Magerit brand.

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