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28 November
Neat & Multilayered: Jil Sander AW 2019/20
The exploration of the connection between femininity and masculinity is, as always, at the center of design for the brand’s creative directors – Lucie and Luke Meier.
The AW 2019/20 collection develops this dialogue further still – the contrasts can be seen in the silhouettes, color palette, and cut. Feminine shapes were used for the soft knitwear with crocheted corsets, strapless dresses, light silk and satin coats, broad jeans.
The contrasts between the masculine and the feminine are revealed in the precise sculpted 3D forms and geometrical cut. Designers carefully use “heavy” masculine fabrics: cloth and Japanese wool highlight the body shape.
The collection focuses on a wide-ranging color palette: from the masculine black and white to the feminine natural and pastel shades. Each color emphasizes a particular fabric: emerald green for chamois, eggshell white and sage for silk, mustard, and pistachio for cloth.

See you at the Jil Sander Boutiques at Petrovsky Passage, Vesna on Arbat, GUM!

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