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11 August
La Perla: the garden of worldly pleasures

The new creative director of La Perla Julia Haart chose a little bit unexpected source of inspiration for her second collection. It is the garden of an English manor. Haart turned to Baroque and Pre-Raphaelite artists - fr om the luxurious foliage of the Pre-Raphaelite artist Alma-Tadema to the American modernism of Georgia O'Keeffe.
Praised in the novels, British stiffness hardly suits transparent and sensual La Perla dresses, however the author says that the riot of shapes and the abundance of flowers inherent in English gardens makes them different from the continental ones. So the theme of rebelliousness against conventions is continued.
"I like this idea, I also love freedom and I do not like it when they tell me what to do and wh ere to go. I want to wear what I want, the way I want, wherever I want. English garden is a great example of unbridled nature, pacified by man,"- Haart says.
In general, the collection Haart for La Perla successfully combines underwear and outerwear. Lingerie style is now as popular as never before.
As a result, the models look more like bodysuits and bodysuits are reminiscent of evening gowns, or long and elegant nightgowns. Bras are a core constructive detail of the collection - not only like a hidden base, but also like a design element.
The collection is about small embroidered and decorated with flowers overalls and dressing gowns. Power woman attributes like strict attires of checkered tweed and a line of suits of lilac and blue look very official, but are a little bit more tight-fitting than usual suits.
And, of course, the collection includes the hit of the last collection - the magnificent shirt-dresses of lace, which barely hide slender legs: the perfect option for red carpet events.
Innovation of the season is about bras’ development: for example, flexible stretch, built into the traditional French lace. The collaboration of La Perla with the manufacturers of French lace resulted into the development of Leavers, the fabric that outlines body. This season, designing technologies that incorporate the frame into products in such a way that they can be worn without underwear, are presented by shirts, different kinds of dresses, sweaters and even delicate sleeveless tanks.
Shoe collection is an evolution too: the novelty of the FW season 2017 is gel insert, which makes even the most attractive high heel incredibly comfortable and easily-worn from morning till night.
See you in the boutiques of the brand in GUM, Petrovsky Passage, VESNA and St. Petersburg!

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