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24 May
L'Artisan Parfumeur in ARTICOLI by BOSCO GUM
On May 25th the presentation of a new mystical Natura Fabularis collection fr om the famous perfumer Daphné Bugey will be held in ARTICOLI by BOSCO GUM in honor of the official opening of L'Artisan Parfumeur corner.
The line includes six flavors, six fictional adventures, six unexpected combinations hidden by round bottles decorated with a golden bee. Each buyer of a fragrance from the new collection will get the same elegant brooch as a freebie. Also, there is a white label with the number of one of the formulas on each of the bottles next to the round seal of the brand. There were 70 formulas in total, but only six were chosen in fine.
Natura Fabularis is a journey through the fictional gardens of L'Artisan Parfumeur, plunging into the world of fantasy and phantasmagoric wonders. Like the bold gardener alchemist, Daphné Bugey brings unexpected notes into the hearts of the compositions: fresh petals are replaced by the scent of burnt leaves, golden wheat bunches dissolve in milky clouds, and violet interlaces with the notes of carrot and saffron.
The 2 Violaceum - Violet symbolizes the last hours of night, when the first dawn rays start to break through the tree crowns, illuminating the violet meadow. The ominous 32 Venenum - Poison hides the scents of freshly baked bread, milky clouds, spicy tea and sandal. The 60 Mirabilis - Amazing is a journey to a Buddhist temple, which is ancient and modern at the same time. It is about incense, and artificial molecules of ambrox with volcanic musk.
The 26 Tenebrae - Twilight immerses into the very heart of a mysterious shamanic forest, wh ere the smoke of incense is mixed with wood juice. The 9 Arcana Rosa is the aroma of a Bulgarian rose blazing in a bonfire of vetiver and juniper. And, finally, the 18 Glacialis Terra - Frozen Land is about the roots of vetiver, aniseed tincture and ice with a distinct sounding of absinthe and anise acerbity.
You are welcome to ARTICOLI by BOSCO in GUM on May 25th at 7pm! 
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