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10 February
Cult of simplicity by Pomellato

Nudo, the quintessence of Pomellato values since 2001, was replenished with refined ring and pendant of white and pink gold with white and cognac diamonds. Smooth lines emphasize the large and unusual cut of diamond pavé.
There are no superfluous details. This is exactly the case when the "less is more". It is about the deliberate Milanese simplicity, which, like a wise man’s aphorism, hides a pile of concealed meanings and phrases. Decorative value is expressed through the enlarged basic details and a combination of white and pink gold, which emphasizes the enigmatic gems’ radiance.
NUDO Maxi Solitaire is an ode to natural beauty and timeless elegance. This is jewelry that will emphasize its owner’s individuality and brightness and will be an excellent Valentine gift.

NUDO Maxi Solitaire rings & pendants can be purchased in  Pomellato stores in GUM, Petrovsky Passage and Sochi Seaport. 

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