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13 February
Moschino Dollhouse

Did you have paper dolls in your childhood? Plane dolls with a set of clothes that should have been fastened to the petite figure using special bended white rectangle closings? Almost all girls played with  similar dolls, so fashion critics & bloggers, journalists of glossy magazines & stylists simply could not remain indifferent when Jeremy Scott acted as a puppeteer in his SS 2017 for Moschino making the play of this topic.
Favorite dolls came to life suddenly: they dressed in luxurious dress with fluffy skirts, ruffles and flounces, jackets, shirts and trousers with indispensable white sticking out "closings" to look as if cut of paper. Is it strange? No! The way we live is strange: maybe we pay too much attention to the 3D-technologies, forgetting about the 2d world, the designer claims.
At the same time, the audacious Jeremy Scott’s provocation still keeps the essence of the brand & its recognizable features like bright unexpected color combinations, Franco Moschino’s autograph on fabric with red polka dots, bulky chains, pacific, teddy bears ... Are they real? Or is it just prints? And what do we mean by "real"? The one can hardly notice that a dress is drawn over other dress, but which of them is real ...
Hoodies and sweatshirts, dresses in Marilyn style, bodysuits, leggings, bombers, tracksuits, jeans - a complete wardrobe for an it-doll. Also, there are accessories like bags and backpacks with bended rectangular "ears" on the sides painted in trompe l'oei technique.

The part of this offbeat collection can already be found at Moschino boutiques in GUM, Petrovsky Passage, Smolensky Passage, VESNA as well as in St. Petersburg & Samara.

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