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29 April
Natural Beauty: Floral Compositions by BoscoFiori

Self-isolation does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of beauty and spring! Nature is being awoken, and the warm breath of the most romantic time of the year is upon us.

Say “no” to gloom and create your very own piece of paradise at home. BoscoFiori presents remarkable floral compositions created with love and care. A perfect gift to order online!
Live floral compositions are referred to as terrariums. The first terrariums were created in England during the reign of Queen Victoria. Growing plants in glass vessels is again in vogue, though creating a terrarium is very difficult, as this task requires hand dexterity and special instruments.
Our compositions do not require much attention, as the unique microclimate will ensure the plants remain fresh for years to come.
BoscoFiori artisans primarily use succulent plants in their compositions, including tillandsia, crassula, echeveria, kalanchoe, etc. Succulent plants are very undemanding in comparison with other flowers. They are better suited for the dry air of rooms, do not require frequent watering, and rarely become sick.
This is especially important for those of us who are preparing to go away on a business trip or a long journey afterlife gets back to normal. Your plants will be there to greet you even if you spend two weeks away.
Bali, Mexico, Portugal… We aren’t just listing countries; these are also the names of BoscoFiori terrariums. Choose your destination right now!

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