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21 December
"Taking into account the fact that space plants established in Kaluga are still among the leaders, we are almost sure that our clothing manufactory will take roots here!"

The Kaluga Region Governor Anatoly Artamonov and the head of  Bosco di Ciliegi group of companies Mikhail Kusnirovich have signed an agreement on the implementation of the investment project on the sitting of industrial complex "Bosco Manufactory " in the Kaluga region.

The investment into the project will amount to over 1 billion rubles, the designed capacity is planned to be reached in less than three years. The design and survey works are to be conducted within a year, which will be followed by the construction and start-up works. It will run at full designed capacity in 2019. "There are obvious benefits of this project for the region including new jobs and modern production technologies. In case of Bosco, it is also a kind of image-building acquisition, because it is the world famous brand. And the fact that it comes to Kaluga is very important for us", - the governor of the Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov quoted as saying.

This decision, which is strategic in terms of the company’s development, is connected with a number of key factors. Bosco group of companies is targeted to the development of the production base in Russia. The company is to move light industry fr om other countries, wh ere luxury brands have traditionally placed their production, to Russia and to enter the international market.

The total capacity of "Bosco Manufactories " featuring  12,000 m2 of production space & 16-hour work schedule will amount to 3.624 million top-level knitted articles and 115 200 high-quality outer garments a year.

The basic range of the factory will be about jerseys and down jackets. "People in our country know firsthand what winter is. Therefore, we will produce in particular down jackets and mountain ski jackets targeted to not only to the domestiс but also to the foreign market. "Made in Russia" phrase should be directly relevant for such products. Our jackets will be in demand on the slopes of Innsbruck or St. Moritz in case they are warm, comfortable & beautiful", - Mikhail Kusnirovich said.

Manufacturing complex will have the facility to develop and produce outfit for sports teams, staff and volunteers of the major sporting events and championships in accordance with the highest international standards. Bosco Group of Companies also plans to produce the outfit for pioneer camps, including the flagship project "Artek" as well as for other important events and objects.

Ground area of 9.7 hectares that meets many criteria was selected in the Kaluga region. For example, the distance from Moscow to Kaluga is 190 km. A well-developed system of work with investors was also very important. Kaluga region has the experience of new industries’ establishment as well as organized system of staff training. "Taking into account the fact that space plants established in Kaluga are still among the leaders, we are almost sure that our clothing manufactory will take roots here!"- Mikhail Kusnirovich said.

The plans for the construction & development of "Bosco Manufactories" in Kaluga region is a logical continuation of the policy of Bosco Group of Companies, which is already being implemented in the Vladimir region.

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