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20 May
BOSCO Company has introduced a new form of the Russian Olympic team
25   in April The company BOSCO   - The General Partner of the Russian Olympic Committee   - officially introduced a new form of the Russian Olympic team at the   Olympics 2016  . Rio de Janeiro, in the   which is based on the motives of Russian avant-garde and & nbsp; constructivism.
 Inspired by the works of Russian avant-garde Malevich and & nbsp; Kandinsky, constructivists Rodchenko and   Stepanova, of BOSCO designers created the actual collection for athletes and   of   the faithful fans.
 New collection Olympic BOSCO   - more than sports equipment and   casual wear. This image of Team Russia, which will remain in   the memory of millions of Russian fans and   billion viewers on   worldwide. Over 15 years of cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Russia, the company has accumulated unique experience BOSCO 8 Olympic Games and has traditionally sought to focus on national identity, emphasize the historical and cultural heritage of the country and clearly present the Russian team at the main start in four years ; according to the   the most current trends.
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