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4 April
Paul Smith / Spring/Summer 2019

Once again, the designer challenges the spirit of time. The new collection by Paul Smith is inspired by the history of subcultures that is often associated with the British style itself. Paul Smith refuses to follow the usual fashion trends.

The collection includes a selection of ideally manufactured articles. Paul Smith refers to his personal experience: in the 1980s, the designer was aiming to streamline the roughness of clothing cuts and reconsider the suit as an article of clothing.

In the very beginning of his career Paul Smith was one of the first designers to incorporate photographic prints in his work. This season he once again returns to this technique, using it with both precision and elegance. The Spring/Summer 2019 collection often includes archive photographs that were made by Paul or his father.

When it comes to shoes, consciously enlarged versions of traditional British designs are employed. The proportions of loafers and Chelsey boots are often distorted, while the Goodyear Welt sole is a constant motive.

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