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5 May
Malo SS 2020 Collection
Established in 1972, Malo is considered to be a leader in producing and selling cashmere not only in Italy but worldwide.
Malo cashmere can be compared to the lightest of touches; it is softness incarnate. This unique and exquisite material is versatile and elegant — a material representation of the brand’s philosophy.
Natural cashmere fibers are light and elegant. They represent the most universal material that can be modified and constantly renovated thanks to the modern technological solutions by Malo.
Malo includes such materials, as the lyrical merino wool, the soft pachacotton, the heavenly shi-silk, vicuna wool, and sophisticated cashmere.
The new SS 2020 collection is inspired by travelling: faraway undiscovered locations, snowy mountain peaks, and seashores untouched by humanity. Comfortable trousers and cardigans made from cashmere, men's jumpers and bright polos, slim-fit dresses and dresses from sky blue silk – all this can be found at our online store.
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