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26 January
Lalique Collection: exclusively in ARTICOLI by BOSCO
Fragrances are surely the most intimate luxury kind. That's why Lalique creates a new object of desire. Appreciate the collection Mon Premier Crystal, which is about the mixture of precious crystal and perfume. Three incredibly feminine fragrances were created by three women-perfumers. Different in style and character, but virtuosic in implementation, the flavors TENDRE, LUMIERE and SENSUEL symbolize the metamorphosis of crystal.
Each of the six expressive perfume compositions of another collection, Les Compositions Parfumees, is inspired by one of the precious metals or precious alloys: CHYPRE SILVER, LEATHER COOPER, ORIENTAL ZINC, WOODY GOLD, SPICY ELECTRUM and FLORAL BRONZE. They are enclosed in elegant bottles in the Art Deco style, made in the image of bottles from the legendary DUNCAN collection, created by René Lalique in 1931.
Both collections are exclusively presented in ARTICOLI by BOSCO. Get branded cufflinks with a purchase of any man's fragrance from the Les Compositions Parfumees line. Get an exquisite pendant with any Mon Premier Crystal fragrance.
See you in ARTICOLI by BOSCO!
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