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23 October
Jil Sander Pre-Fall 2018 is on sale already!
Jil Sander aesthetics is impeccable as usual. Base white shirt appears in numerous interpretations, the cut remains perfect, the style is still recognizably androgynous, and the accessories are simple & elegant.

The heroine of the pre-fall Jil Sander collection is a girl from a brighter future. The idea of humanity, security, comfort and world peace is the basis of the collection from the creative directors Lucy and Luc Meier.

Being true to clean lines, elegant silhouettes and marvelous cut, the Meiers are inspired by the aesthetics of the House and play with proportions: they have unabashedly borrowed the details from the "traditional" men's wardrobe to emphasize the alluring curves perfectly. Soft shapes, asymmetrical skirts’ and coats’ hem, cut geometry - the lines’ purity, which has long become the essence of the brand, is found in the collection featuring fabrics’ luxury & handwork uniqueness.

Cotton shirts, loose coats or bulky capes, elongated trousers & maxi skirts are the classic of the basic wardrobe, which sounds in a new way. The designers combine long skirts and wide coats with leggings, offer wide trousers of infinite length for a business suit, and two handbags of different sizes as an accessory.

Jil Sander Pre-Fall 2018 is already available in the boutiques of the brand in Petrovsky Passage, GUM and VESNA!

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