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1 November
Hermès Collection of Porcelain and Crystal at BoscoCasa
The long-awaited collection of porcelain and crystal from the legendary Hermès brand are showcased on the second floor of the BoscoCasa conceptual space.

The brand presents its creations outside of its own boutiques for the first time. The customers of BoscoCasa will be introduced to such porcelain collections, as Cheval d'Orient, Bleus d'Ailleurs, Balcon du Guadalquivir, Voyage en Ikat, Carnets d'Equateur and Mosaique, as well as to a selection of crystal.

Each of the collections is unique in its own way. The edging of porcelain pieces is the most laborious of all of the trades associated with the manufacture of glazed pottery. Handling cups, huge vases, plates, dishes and soup bowls demand a special level of mastership from the artisans of the Hermès ateliers in Nontron. Fluid as water, thin as a hair or wide as a ribbon, the brim reflects light and grant a distinct vibrancy to porcelain pieces.
Before the white tableware made in Limoges can be brought out to set a table, it is hand-painted, placed on fire for the second time and then polished at Nontron on the South-West of France.

Marvel at the masterpieces of Hermès workmasters in the BoscoCasa conceptual space, at Petrovsky Passage.

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