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1 March
Customers Days in ARTICOLI by BOSCO Petrovsky Passage
Start spring with the purchase of new flavors & perfect skin cares. ARTICOLI by BOSCO Gallery in Petrovsky Passage holds Customers Days on March 2nd & 3rd. It is an excellent opportunity to please yourself and find a gift on March 8th!
Extra 10% off the products by Affinessence, AJMAL, Bellefontaine, Boadicea, Cellcosmet & Cellmen, Christophe Robin, Dali, Generale Parfumerie, Heeley, Indult, Kartellfragrances, Le Galion, Leonor Greyl, LM Parfums, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Paul Emilien, Terry De Gunsburg & Valmont will be available on March 2nd & 3rd.
The Merchant of Venice & Hermes fragrances are extra 5% discounted.  Exclusive editions are the exceptions.
On March 3rd you should certainly go to buy the faves to Alexandre.J, Amouage, Dorin & Ex Nihilo corners. 10% discount will be available here.
See you in ARTICOLI by BOSCO Gallery in Petrovsky Passage!
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