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30 January
A drop of magic: new La Prairie care is in ARTICOLI by BOSCO
The long-awaited novelty in ARTICOLI by BOSCO: La Prairie presents Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir. This is the most expensive aid in the history of the Swiss brand, which changes the idea of skin rejuvenation. Just one drop, which should be put on the face at night, and a magical transformation will not be long in coming.
"This is the most powerful night skin care product ever created in La Prairie labs," the release says. For the first time, one formula is aimed at improving the four key components of skin cells’ rejuvenation: nutrition, respiration, detoxification and strengthening of immunity.
Supporting these vital functions of cellular renewal, the night elixir formula works during the most appropriate skin regeneration time – that is at night. In the morning after the aid’s appication the face will look like after a week in a Swiss spa.
The Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir La Prairie is available in ARTICOLI by BOSCO starting from January 30th!

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