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24 October
The whirligig of freebies & surprises in Articoli by Bosco GUM
Late October marks the start of "The whirligig of gifts and surprises" in Articoli by Bosco GUM. They say, save the date! / "The whirligig of gifts and surprises" will be held in all Articoli by Bosco stores, but GUM is to host several exclusive events. Follow the list of promo campaigns and more arranged by the main beauty store.
The premiere of the new Christmas collection by Chanel will be held in Articoli by Bosco GUM on October 25th. Numeros Rouges is about the game of contrasts: it creates bright yet light, impudent yet not obsessive, chic yet elegant look.
October 25th and 26th is the time of discounts on beauty new arrivals & best-sellers by the legendary Cartier House.
On October 26th, Articoli by Bosco GUM invites to plunge into the luxurious world of Guerlain perfumery, get acquainted with the notes of the new LUI fragrance and feel its unique versatility. The leading expert of the House Irina Zyazina will take the floor and give individual advice this day. Warm welcome, exquisite gifts and nice compliments from the brand are prepared! Free bottle personalization with every Guerlain flavor buying! Guests’ assembly is at 18:30 at Guerlain Corner.
On October 26th, extra 15% off Cellcosmet & Cellmen and Menard products is also available.
Articoli by Bosco GUM will host Gucci Cosmetics Days on October 26th and 27th. Bright novelties, exclusive gifts, work-shops, advice from the makeup artists of the brand and extra 10% off are certainly the reasons to come round.
On October 28th, stylists of Frederic Malle brand will be your guides to the world of fragrances and prove that perfume is a real art!  Individual advice, freebies and extra 5% off are prepared! 10% off the products by the famous perfumery brands like Ex Nihilo, HFC, Amouage, Alexandre J will be a nice surprise!
Lancôme Day will round off the beauty marathon on October 31st. You will have a chance to get acquainted with the new Monsieur Big collection and get extra 10% off the products.
See you in Articoli by Bosco GUM! Tap to learn the details.
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