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22 July
The anniversary GUM Motor Rally 2018
The anniversary GUM Motor Rally was held on July 21st. It is the traditional and one of the most important rallies of classic cars of the season in Russia, which is held with the support of Bosco di Ciliegi for the 5th time this year. 

Last Saturday, the annual GUM Motor Rally Gorkyclassic was held in Moscow. It featured rare models of Soviet brands of the 1930-1970s. This year, 126 crews took part in the competition arranged at the support of the Automotive Historical Society Gorkyclassic, the oldest watch manufactury Vacheron Constantin and the Jaguar Land Rover company.

Nicolas Defler, Vacheron Constantin brand manager: “We are the participants of the magnificent holiday called GUM-Motor Rally for the fourth year in a row. We wish all participants and viewers to enjoy this wonderful atmosphere! We wish the crews to reach the finishing line!”

Over a hundred of the oldest models of GAZ, ZIS, ZIL, Moskvich and Zaporozhets set off from Red Square to a hundred kilometers route over the most significant & historical places of the capital.

Sergei Shakurov, Evelina Khromchenko, Ekaterina Mtsituridze, Alexei Nemov with his family, Alexander Oleshko and others were among the celeb guests of the event.
GUM Motor Rally featured:
- Two limousines of the postwar period, the tops automobile industry of the Stalin time - the grandiose ZIS-110, the rolling art deco object. This Soviet copy of Packard, the leader's favorite brand, turned out to be much more attractive than the original and served high-ranking officials until the sixties;
- Elegant government bus Yunost ZIL-118, restored by the Moscow Polytechnic Museum. This beautiful car was appreciated in the west. This model was awarded the Grand Prix at the bus exhibition in Nice. Yunost was produced in extremely small series and used for governmental delegations;
- Replica of the 21st Volga, which took part in the rally Monte Carlo in 1964. This car will be announced for the start of the prestigious Monte Carlo Historic rally in the French Alps the next January;
- The unique sports car "Pobeda Sport" with a special body roadster; in 1956 the riders of the team "Torpedo-GAZ" Vyacheslav Mosolov and Alexander Efremychov won silver medals of the USSR championship in closed circuit races driving this car with the historical number 30.
- Sanitary cars of the 60-70s: the 22nd Volga and RAF-977. Special cars are rarely preserved after the long years of civil service, they are especially interesting as an object of restoration today;
GAZ-A phaeton of 1934, preserved in its original form, became the most respectable car of the holiday.
126 cars of the main Soviet brands came to the start: Pobedas, Volgas and Chaikas. In addition, the viewers saw ZIS / ZIL cars, Mosckivich, Zaporozhets and, finally, classic "Zhiguli" models of the early 70's.
All the participating cars looked like new ones. Each of them has its own unique story. All the cars underwent rigorous expert selection: they are carefully preserved by several generations of owners or qualitatively restored and fully comply with the original specifications today.
All the rally participants lined up at the walls of GUM in Ilyinka Street and Vetoshny Lane before the start. Numerous viewers saw the brightest and the most famous models of the Soviet car industry defiling in chronological order.
In addition to Moscow crews, the teams from St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Tula, Podolsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Yalta, Togliatti, Krasnodar, Yelets and Kiev fought for the prizes.
The honorable right to be the first to start was traditionally given to the winners of last year's GUM Motor Rally: Andrei Morozenko and Boris Kostyrko at the Chaika Gas-13.
The ingenious host of the GUM Rally Nikolay Fomenko solemnly announced all participants and instructed each team of the competition. After the start, Nikolay made his prediction: "Today, the memory of the Soviet automobile industry will win in the car race. God grant that someday Russia would approach at least a millimeter to what we were doing in the USSR. "
The five-hour sport trip opened the city's sights familiar to everyone by classic Soviet movies. The route of the GUM Rally is different every year, but each time it inevitably includes the main sights of Moscow, without which our capital is not imagined: Red Square, shady boulevards, bright embankments, winding streets of the historical center. 50 qualified referees supervised tasks’ performance.
A bivouac was arranged in Luzhniki in the middle of the day. A dinner was served for the participants at Bosco Tennis club Luzhniki checkpoint. All the crews did archery at the pit-stop. The results proved that there are many real shooters among riders!
Traditionally, GUM Motor Rally was rounded off by a colorful awarding ceremony. This year it was held at the Crimean embankment near the walls of the Central House of Artists. Benches of Peace, which should have been colorfully painted by the participants of each crew, were installed there. 
The authoritative jury determined the winners in special nominations and winners in terms of sporting results. They were named during the solemn ceremony at the New Tretyakov Gallery Building in the Crimean Val: they were presented with BoscoFresh sets, gifts from Landrover & Etro, as well as gift certificates from Articoli by Bosco and The Friend of Tretyakov Gallery Cards.
A three-year-old Volodya Bubentsov, a member of the crew driving Volga of 1961, won in the "Youngest Racer" nomination. The title of "The most elegant crew" went to a brilliant trio in red dresses from Minsk, crew No. 31 driving Pobeda GAZ-M-20B, driver Lina Boyko, navigator Olga Shadrina. 
Prizes in special Bosco Cup were distributed as follows:
The third place was given to the crew - Yuri Zagainov, Anastasia and Yaroslav Zhemchugov, crew No. 121 driving Volga GAZ-21 of 1965.
The second place was won by the crew No. 127 - Igor and Anastasia Shumakov driving Volga GAZ-24.
The first place was won by the Crew No. 125 - Andrey, Julia and Ivan Rankov  driving Volga GAZ-21 issued in 1961.
The winners of the main sports ranking of the GUM Cup were:
The third place - Crew No. 62: Yuri Pripachkin and Sergei Makarenko driving Volga GAZ-M-21I of 1961.
The second place - Crew No. 54: Pavel Sereda and Vadim Schneider driving Volga GAZ-M-21I of 1960.
The first place, the new & unique GUM Motor Rally Cup and the main prize from Vacheron Constantin just like the last year got Crew No. 1: Andrei Morozenko and Boris Kostyrko driving Chaika Gas-13. It is incredible, but it is true! Each of them was presented with Vacheron Constantin watches from the hands of Nicolas Defler.

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