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5 December
The Way It Was: Pomellato Gala Celebrating the Jewelry Art of Milan
On December 4 Pomellato celebrated the jewelry art of Milan and displayed its magnificent collection at the GUM Demonstration Hall.
Pomellato Group CEO Sabina Belli, President of Bosco di Ciliegi Mikhail Kusnirovich, Vice-President of the Company Ekaterina Moiseeva, restaurateur Irina Zarkova, stylist Karina Nigay hosted the Gala. Angelika Timanina, Margarita Pushkina, Inga Berman, Karina Oshroeva, Ekaterina Darma, Charles and Olga Thompson, Rasim and Alla Akperovs, Oksana Bondarenko, Yulia Sharapova, Victoria Korotkova, Ksenia Knyazeva, Yasmina Muratovich, Victoria Shelyagova, Laura Dzhugeliya, Anna Ivchenko, and many others were among the guests.
The cocktail and dinner reception took place at the Demonstration Hall of GUM with a panoramic view of the Red Square. The guests marveled at the glimmering Pomellato jewelry. Guests also had a unique opportunity to see a jeweler at work. The Nudo cocktail-bar, named after one of the iconic collections of Pomellato, entertained guests all night. Each drink was dedicated to a gemstone from the collection. For instance, the Amethyst cocktail was made with patchouli, Red vermouth and chocolate, while the orange Citrine was a perfect combination of Aperol, Prosecco, and fresh orange Spritz. Chicha chef Olga Suzdalkina created a special gastronomic set for the guests. Olga’s dishes, exuberant, crave-worthy and healthy, proved her star status. The exotic delicacies perfectly matched the Pomellato style.
The DJ set enhanced the atmosphere with funk music, followed by a live performance by actress and singer Sabina Akhmedova. The guests also enjoyed the #PomellatoForWomen campaign video featuring women of all ages and occupations. #PomellatoForWomen is a message from women of the universe, an embodiment of power, inspiration, and beauty.
Sabina Belli shared some of her impressions about the Gala and Moscow, in general: “It is our great honor to add some Pomellato touches to the sophisticated beauty of Moscow. We, the Milanese, feel our special link with this cosmopolitan city, renowned for its history and exquisite architecture. We had a wonderful time in Moscow and would love to build a closer connection with its fashion elite.”
Pomellato and Sublime by Bosco have maintained a successful partnership for almost 20 years now. The first Pomellato jewelry pieces were sold in Russia in 1999.
Pomellato boutiques are located in the very heart of Russia: at GUM and Passage, as well as at Vesna on Arbat and at the Marine Passenger Terminal, Sochi.

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