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30 January
The Way It Was: Toy Corporation Workshops at Children’s GUM
On January 27 #KidsDevelop Business School introduced a series of Toys Corporation Workshops for children aged 7-12 at Children’s GUM. 
It was Dmitry Bogdanov, Social Projects Support Fund (#SPSF) Director of Accelerative Programs who held the workshops. Dmitry is a coach and mentor of projects at #KidsDevelop. He launches more than a 100 professional start-ups each year. This time Dmitry was on a serious mission — creating toy business projects together with children.
There was certainly no shortage of ideas from the kids this day. A Training Boat (plastic submarine) that teaches children to swim. A Fantasy Kit, including different figurines: baby owl, deer, robot-transformer who can cry, laugh, and assist children in their chores. The Papa Carlo Project deals with wooden puzzles that can be painted/written upon. The customer receives a nutcracker, a winged lion, and a matryoshka-style toy showing the internal organs of a human body. Back to the Future Kit is designed for assembling robot. There were also flying saucers, exo-hands and many more innovative ideas!
The kids not only creatively presented their ideas, they also made financial calculations proving that their projects were profitable for the investors. The #KidsDevelop Business School organized a competition. Two winners received a special prize – a month of free training. All of the participants were happy to receive notepads from #CTCkids, partner of all workshops of #KidsDevelop.
It is certainly not the last meeting of #KidsDevelop with the kids, since the #KidsDevelop School at GUM is opening on February 10.

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