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26 July
The opening of Flower Festival in GUM
The ocean of fragrant flowers, hundreds of shades, dozens of species –this grand garden cannot go unnoticed as it is located in the very heart of the capital, in GUM. The Flower Festival is open!

On July 25th, one of the oldest department stores of Moscow became a real greenhouse. The traditional annual Flower Festival runs here until the end of the summer for the 5th time in a row.

The famous actors, TV presenters, musicians, athletes and honored workers of GUM acted as gardeners on the opening day. 

The Flower Festival in GUM can be compared to a botanical garden in the variety of living plants: 370,000 flowers of 17 species are grown specially for the event to decorate the building from inside and outside. Pink geranium, lemon marigold, white petunia, red salvia, orange coleus, blue lobelia, lilac ageratum. Within the festival, bright lozenges and intricate patterns of natural flowers decorate the historical building inside and outside: carpets of fresh flowers flourish along the lines of GUM, and pots with petunias decorate the facade from the first to the third floors.

Fairy floral variety at the lines, near the famous fountain and on the facade of the historical building amazes with bright colors and scents’ abundance. The perimeter of flower beds along the external facade of GUM is illuminated at night. A special irrigation system featuring moisture retention technology was developed to keep the flowers fresh throughout the month.

Everyone can have a walk along the flowering GUM garden until the end of summer. You will not be caught by rain here. See you!

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