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3 December
The Way It Was: Kids Develop Workshop at Children’s GUM
On December 1, the first day of winter, Kids Develop came over to the posh BoscoBambino Boutique at Children’s GUM, Red Square. Kids Develop hosted a special master-class under the supervision of Olga Kolmanson on how to make unique toys.
Kids participated in a GUM history quiz. Afterwards they divided into teams – mall departments and started to work: marketing developed a corporate brand look, the finance department calculated expenses, profits and payroll; HR put together a team of professionals; the production department picked up a lease and worked on the toy cost estimate.
The kids were very creative, and they generated original products in just 60 minutes! Here are the results: one of the companies called What’s the time? produced a watch-assistant with a sapphire crystal clock-face, a removable band, and unique watch hands in the form of rockets. They have also created a limited edition of watches with Vladimir Putin. The company’s logo went as: This is going to work!
The second team issued an I-robot – friend, assistant and tutor! It can teach you different languages, assist children with infantile cerebral paralysis, remind you of your homework and even help to buy food on your shopping list! It will always chat with you as a good friend.
The third group of young businesspeople prepared a design for a new eco-house made of wood from the Amazon. It is a smart house activated by remote and voice control.
The fourth group worked with wood and presented a Christmas Tree Toy with wooden ornaments. Their pitch was perfect – they provided a national marketing plan and even made a mock-up of the upcoming toy.
All of the projects were presented to the Board of Directors featuring the children’s parents. The participants decided to create a holding and produce genius toys by appointing a strong management team.

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