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11 March
Vesna Shopping Center in Spring: The Iconic Store on New Arbat Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary
Bosco hosted a grand festival at Vesna Mall on New Arbat – the iconic store celebrated its 15th anniversary with flying colors. No amount of space could accommodate the overwhelming emotions of the participants, even the center’s four floors of pure fashion showcasing clothes, footwear, accessories for the whole family, so the festivities expanded to New Arbat.
There were quite a lot of Bosco customers who came over to wish the store a very happy birth day. Among them: Ksenia Sobchak, Renata Litvinova, Alexander Oleshko, Sergey Shakurov, Anna Chipovskaya, Maroussia Fomina, Ksenia Sukhinova, Lukerya Ilyashenko, Sabina Akhmedova, Yulia Klynina, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Albina Dzhanabaeva, Andrey Kolesnikov who declared their love to the Vesna store.
Ksenia Sobchak: Vesna, my dearest shopping mall! My best wishes on this occasion. It seems that when we talk about 15 years – it is somehow about teenagers. I wish you a very happy 15th Anniversary! Peppermint and pistachio are in vogue this season, and what do we see – all of these colors are already presented at Vesna, New Arbat. Ready to be tried, and there is quite a choice! My special favorites are on the ground floor in the youth selection!
Renata Litvinova: I wish Vesna a happy birthday. It is my favorite store: it is so well-organized, and it’s all about beauty. Buyers here are the best, and there is always a good selection. Vesna’s second floor is a must. There are so many terrific brands. Here you can find Jil Sander, Calvin Klein, Maison Margiela. All these brands were headed by spectacular young designers.
Alexander Oleshko: Vesna always puts you in a spring mood. I studied theater at an institute nearby, so I do remember the way it was before. Today’s holiday – Maslenitsa – has an aftertaste of childhood for me. When I was little, I always had to try the first pancakes, even before the first guests arrived. I love this tradition, and I am grateful to Bosco for such a wonderful holiday.
Ksenia Sukhinova: Dear Vesna, I wish you a happy holiday, congratulations on your jubilee! Please keep on with the festive mood and always follow the new trends.
Lukerya Ilyashenko: Dear Vesna, I wish you a happy 15th anniversary! You are a big girl now, I think that you have graduated school by now, and about to enter enroll into a university, is that right? Don’t stop and keep going!
Albina Dzhanabaeva: Vesna, spring is a symbol of beauty, the essence of what a woman wants. I have always cherished this store, whenever I come here, I always fell great! One of my latest purchases is this bag. Anyhow, isn’t buying a new bag the definition of spring?
Andrey Kolesnikov: Recently, Vesna became my number one store, even in comparison with GUM. Vesna transforms us, besides, it changes itself, and dramatically. All of the changes are visible. I had a very personal experience with Vesna, actually it is one of the major events of my last year: only here we managed to find a perfect posh prom dress for my daughter Masha after a long and exhaustible search. I will be straight with you, I was close to losing it a couple of times! But now, this dress is going to be with her (and with me), forever!  So, we were happy to come here for the celebration today!
Vesna’s birthday coincided with the last Maslenitsa week day, and the largest Maslenitsa food-court in the city greeted our guests who enjoyed pancakes of all sizes and with all types of fillings: cottage cheese, meat, potatoes and mushrooms, sour cream, and sweet condensed milk. Bosco Café also shared their exclusive pancake recipe with all gourmets. Sbiten and Medovoukha hot-drinks were very comforting for this not so spring-time weather.
Kids loved the merry-go-round; the more ambitious ones tried themselves in a traditional amusement: a big wooden totem was installed right in front of the main entrance to the store. It was crowned with bright packages of Vesna with fashionable footwear: shoes by Jimmy Choo, No One, sneakers by Gucci, boots by Fendi – the snappy pairs were expecting their happy owners.
Moreover, can you imagine any Farewell to Winter celebrations without proper singing and dancing? Nadezhda Babkina’s Hodila Izba band was responsible for the entertainment.
The celebrations resumed with a draw among the customers of Vesna and Smolensky Passage. About 3000 people participated in the promo that was launched on February 14, and most of them were present at the lottery draw. No wonder – all of them expected to leave Vesna driving a brand-new Jaguar E-Pace. Students Anna Proshina and Anton Chetverikov were lucky that day. They got the lucky lottery number 08661 after purchasing a BoscoFresh suit at Vesna.

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