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4 September
Jil Sander: nothing in excess
The Italian designer Rodolfo Paglialunga leaves Jil Sander, giving way to the tandem of Luke and Lucie Meier after the three years of work. The collection FW 2017/2018 is culminating for him: it links the minimalist aesthetics of the fashion house and a restrained yet special approach of the designer to fashion.
Clean lines, graceful silhouette and magnificent cut, inspired by the aesthetics of the 80's - there is everything for which Jil Sander is so adored. Paglialunga manages to emphasize the female figure using the details unabashedly borrowed from the "traditional" men's wardrobe, for instance, the designer's fave business power suits with hypertrophied shoulders & luxurious oversize coats. There are classic double-breasted coats and the models reminiscent of huge down jackets with puffed collars, monochrome cocoon jackets and flowing high-necked dresses. You want put on everything right now!
The bright palette of tobacco, lime, mustard, azure, burgundy, powder and cream shades in contrast with the severity of coal-black emphasizes the conceptuality of each garment.
There are traditionally winter fabrics like cashmere, wool, felt, jersey & leather. Glossy lurex and dense silk are used by Paljalunga for evening attires complemented by elegant court shoes & ankle boots .
The collection is in-store already! See you in the boutiques of the brand in GUM, Petrovsky Passage, VESNA & St. Petersburg. 
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