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23 March
Jaquet Droz: the allegory of love
Do you know that robots we admire now were created 242 years ago? They were invented by the ingenious watchmaker Henri-Louis Jacquet-Droz, the founder of Jaquet Droz brand and were called "automatons" then.  He has presented three mechanical dolls at the court of the king in 1773. One of which, Drawer, has been depicting an allegory of love on the paper artfully – it was a Cupid, riding a chariot drawn by a butterfly.
In honor of this amazing invention Jaquet Droz presents its new masterpiece within the annual watch and jewelry exhibition Baselworld-2017. Discover the model Loving Butterfly Automaton. with moving figures. Its dial is turned into a "stage" for the theatrical performance, repeating the sketch of the Drawer.
Just press the button on the crown and a whole world comes to life under the glass. A light and graceful butterfly pulls the chariot that Cupid rides. Its wheels start to rotate due to the optical illusion created by the combination of fixed and movable elements. The forest reminiscent of the surroundings of La Chaux-de-Fonds, the birthplace of Jaquet Droz, became the scenery for the spectacular performance. Extensional elements of gold and dial of onyx or black Polynesian mother-of-pearl enhance the magic of this scene.
Just like other Jaquet Droz automaton watches, Loving Butterfly Automaton is thought out to the smallest detail. Forty elements of white or pink gold comprise the hands and face of the seducer Cupid, fragile legs and antennas of the butterfly are hand-engraved and assembled. 0.2 millimeters thick trees feature a combination of virtuosic craftsmanship and unique patented technique.
It took three years to develop an exclusive movement, which was the object of two patent requests. The power reserve is provided by three drums, which are manually wound by the head and allows the butterfly to make about 300 flaps in two minutes.
43 mm Loving Butterfly Automaton watches, supplemented with alligator leather strap, are offered in two versions, each one produced in a limited series of 28 pieces.
The model can soon be ordered in Jaquet Droz boutique in Petrovsky Passage.
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