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6 February
Isaia: Capri Voyage

Isaia SS 2017 collection was inspired a bizarre mosaic of images and impressions, elicited by a journey to the island of Capri. This is the mood of summer vacation, spent by the British and Americans, who set the rhythm of life to the Mediterranean at this respectable sunny Italian seaside in the '50s and 60’s. It was the time of a true dolce vita, bustling energy of youth & aristocracy with tart decadence fleur.
Intellectuals, artists, secular lions, bankers and businessmen, celebrities, models and movie stars, and just pleasure-seekers were fond of Capri and this motley colorful crowd, speaking in different languages, created a special air, confirming its reputation of a "paradise on earth". Meanwhile, there was a very strict dress code, which has become the basis for a bright classic style. This very style was reinterpreted by Isaia designers this season.

The spring-summer collection harmonizes three different concepts that formed the Code of a carefree dandy from the Island of Capri - elegance, eccentricity and deliberate simplicity.
The color palette is about all shades of sea and sky. Olive and beige is combined with refined notes of rose and violet; delicate pale gray hues contrast with bright red and yellow monochrome, Neapolitan blue is softened by a fresh bouquet of blue and turquoise.
Fabrics are also worth writing about. There are strips, checks & paisley, which were very popular on the Island of Capri, or the Island of Sirens, in the '50s and early '60s. Embroidery and prints, adorning jersey polo shirts are in tune with the trimmings of the collars of light cotton jackets. Of course, there are invariable white and beige linen jackets, mostly double-breasted, and classic shirts, giving elusive charm & vintage touch to the collection.
The collection also features the brand’s favorite wool, silk and bouclé. Cotton T-shirts with conceptual prints, making the play of myths about Italians’ gestures, add ironic note to the symphony of Isaia SS 2017 collection.
See you in Isaia boutiques in VESNA and Petrovsky Passage!

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