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2 September
Isaia: made in Naples
At the end of the 18th century the young Neapolitan King Ferdinand IV decided to make an incredible for his time technical and social experiment: he gave his picturesque San Leucho hunting lands to a silk mill factory. Weaving machines rustled right under the windows of the royal palace, the reception room for illustrious guests became a chapel for workers. The most advanced technologies that reached Europe by the early 19th century, were used here and employees enjoyed unprecedented for that time privileges. For example, they had social deductions, pension, the right for free secondary education. It was possible to marry for love and the engagement was very romantic: a bride and a fiancé gave bunches of scarlet and white roses to each other. However, the idyll was ended soon because of the invasion of Napoleon's troops, but the memory of San Leucho is still alive.
The legendary Neapolitan brand Isaia dedicated its autumn-winter collection to this very famous factory. The glorious history of San Leucho echoes the philosophy of the brand: continuous perfection, constant creative search, the desire to be ahead of the time preserving the best traditions of the past. And the most luxurious fabrics like wool, cashmere, silk & satin of course.
Isaia regards Neapolitan theme like the textured entwinement of wool & satin threads, the rethought range of the Mediterranean hues like saturated blue, deep green mixed with a warm palette featuring the abundance of red shades ranging from chestnut to rust. And event signature checkered print has new sounding this fall.
The quality of the famous suits is certainly unchanged. They are about clear lines, restraint & accentuated elegance on the verge of expressionism.
Go to the branded boutiques in GUM or Petrovsky Passage to purchase new Isaia suit, shirt or jacket. The most demanding customers can indulge themselves in Su Misura individual tailoring sessions on September 22nd -24th.
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