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16 April
Isaia: SS 2020 Collection

Some things remain unchanging in our changing world. Things that represent family history, mastery, and the famous Italian style. We are talking about Isaia.

The ideal combination of fine quality, new ideas, and Neapolitan tailor traditions stands behind the success of Isaia throughout the whole world. Isaia offers its clients not only suits or coats – it offers the very best. Most details – from buttonholes to collars – are made by hand at the brand’s factory in Naples.

Each season Isaia tells a new story. The story of this spring takes place at the Museo di Capodimonte that is located at the former Bourbon palazzo. The delicate colors of Rafael, Michelangelo, Titian, and Caravaggio are presented in elegant checker patterns on suits from wool and silk. Pictures from tapestries that can be found on the walls of the museum served as the basis for original prints.

Each collection by Isaia is embedded with the incomparable charm of Naples. Bright life-affirming colors — combinations of red, blue and yellow — remind us of the hot summer. We are waiting for that summer to come, for the opportunity to meet our friends, to go to the countryside, to walk through the sunbathed streets, and to sit until late evening at Bosco Café summer terraces!

While we remain homebound on self-isolation, we should focus on our home clothes. Classic single-color suits from wool or cotton with the familiar Isaia red color piece on the lapel, shirts with numerous variants of patterns and prints are excellent for video-conferences.

Note also the T-shirts with ironic prints, jumpers from cashmere, wool or cotton, comfortable cardigans with buttons. The collection includes a rich color palette: from dark blue and grey to orange, blue, and red.

Join us @bosco_di_ciliegi and @passazh_official for another Fashion on Quarantine. No Pasaran! Live Broadcast on April 17, this Friday, 19:00. Bosco di Ciliegi Development Director Konstantin Andrikopulos will talk about the new Isaia collection and show how to follow the finest Italian style in your look. Gianluca Isaia will join the broadcast from Naples as a special guest.

Join us!

The Isaia SS 2020 collection is already available via our online store.

Enjoy an additional 20% discount for the SS 2020 collection with your Bosco loyalty card as well as free delivery for orders exceeding 30000 rubles.

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