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13 March
Bugs and spiders
The idea of exploring the world of porcelain with the ardor of a young naturalist could come only to one of the oldest porcelain manufactories in the world, Richard Ginori.
Each of the porcelain insects of the Insetti collection carries its sacred meaning. For example, a butterfly embodies happiness and spiritual reincarnation; a scarab is an ancient symbol of life and rebirth; a stag beetle was worshiped by the ancient Romans as health-bringing mascot, a cicada was associated with immortality and light from antiquity.
The Insetti or Insects collection makes the ironical play of the tradition of the 19th century to conceal porcelain defects. After all, the craftsmen used to paint small insects on porcelain pieces  to divert the attention from inequalities and roughness.
Cute Richard Ginori bugs and butterflies combine aesthetic & practical functions. These are excellent holders for cards, napkins and paperweights.

The collection is available in the boutique of the brand in Petrovsky Passage.
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