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8 April
Now at BoscoCasa: Hermes and Puforcat, Wine Tasting
A wine and champagne degustation dedicated to the Orfèvre-Sommelier collection by the French Puiforcat brand took place at BoscoCasa. Friends of BoscoFamily honored the launch of sales of Hermes porcelain and Puiforcat silverware.
Together with Orfèvre-Sommelier, any tasting ceremony turns into something more spectacular than a regular gastronomic ritual. The beauty and finesse, unprecedented preciseness of execution, innovative style make each piece a masterpiece of art.
Dinner was served after the degustation at the BoscoCafe laid out on the iconic Hermes collections: Cheval d’Orient and Voyage en Ikat.
The Voyage en Ikat collection, hand-manufactured in Limoges, combines the classical French form and exotic Eastern patterns with unique production technique. Inspired by this technology, the American textile artist, Sheila Hiks, designed exclusive ornaments for the porcelain Voyage en Ikat tableware. Ikat appears even more exceptional on porcelain since it creates a 3D effect. You will discover numerous floral motives, the geometry of Japanese design, and Byzantine splendor. If you stack the dishes, you will come up with a shape that looks like a delicate lotus flower.
The Cheval d’Orient is inspired by the subtle and mysterious Eastern world: imagine its colorful and loud bazaars, the famous Persian rugs, and albums of old Eastern miniatures.
Hermes masters carefully reviewed the collection of the Adrien Dubouché National Museum of Porcelain at Limoges and the Oriental exhibits from the private collection of Émile Hermès himself.
The elegant decoration of the Cheval d’Orient tableware is based on Persian ornaments intricately intertwining bold colors and gilding, Arabian studs and horse harness.
The Hermes and Puiforcat collections are available at BoscoCasa, Petrovsky Passage; we look forward to seeing you!

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