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3 July
HFC: world perfumery premiere in GUM
The presentation of Haute Fragrance Company perfume brand was held in ARTICOLI by BOSCO GUM on July 1st. The brand is truly enigmatic. It is headed by a talented person who wishes to be incognito. He treated the Russian market with special attention, choosing it for the world premiere. It is only known that the mysterious stranger was born in Paris in the family of a perfumer and a famous model, and spent his childhood in Grasse. And now he has gathered the team of the best specialists in the world of perfumery, design and art, who created HFC – the perfumery brand dedicated to life in all its manifestations.
"The unique HFC project is the collaboration of the famous and most creative masters who can give you a dream," - the founder and inspirer of the brand says.
The collection of 9 women's and 4 men's fragrances presented in ARTICOLI by BOSCO in GUM is the collaboration of young yet famous French "nose" Vincent Ricord. The creation of women’s looks was entrusted to the Spanish artist Arturo Elena, the author of pictures for Vogue and Audemars Piguet, and the eccentric designer Matteo Cibic, who became the art director of the brand, was able to put the puzzle together.
For example, Party On The Moon is a party that can be compared to the legendary soiree by the Great Gatsby and Sweet & Spoiled is an ode to a woman for whom there are no prohibitions and restrictions.

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